Bridgett's Therapeutic Massage & Esthetics

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Phase 4 - Effective 1/21/21

-Mask can be removed during massage

-Facials, dermaplaning and lower face wax are now available!

Protecting You, and Us, from Covid19

-Masks must be worn inside building

-Please wash or sanitize your hands upon entering the building

-No guests at your appointment

-Bring in as few personal belongings as possible

-Book your next appointment via text or phone

-Please limit time in lobby before and after your appointment

-If you have a fever, feel under the weather or have had contact with someone with symptoms, please cancel your appointment - All cancellation fees will be waived

We appreciate your help in keeping everyone safe!



Bridgett Trover LMT, LE


Stacie Rehmel LMT


Kandice VanWinkle LMT


Beth Graham LMT 


Samantha Gonzalez, LE, Makeup Artist 



Available by appointment only. Please visit our online scheduling, text, or call to make an appointment.

503 W. Washington St. Paris, Illinois

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