Bridgett's Therapeutic Massage & Esthetics
Scheduling/Cancellation policy
Available by appointment only!
Please use the link above to schedule a massage with Stacie, Kandice, Beth, Sam or Bridgett.

Stacie Rehmel  812-236-4892

Kandice Thompson 812-236-9758

Beth Graham  217-251-6400

Samantha Gonzalez  217-251-8415

Bridgett Trover  217-251-6684     




Bridgett's Therapeutic Massage & Esthetics

Cancellation Policy

            We appreciate that you chose Bridgett's for your massage and skin care needs. With every client, we strive to give the best service possible. In order to ensure you have a fantastic experience with us, we set aside time just for you.


            Life happens and unavoidable situations arise. These situations may prevent you from receiving our awesome services... this is a bummer for you and for us... at Bridgett’s we love what we do and we love that we get to be a part of your day.


            Bridgett's asks that if you cannot make it to your scheduled appointment that you provide at least 24 hours notice. There are a number of ways to easily contact us, calling or texting being preferable.


Less than 24 hour Cancellation Policy is as follows

1.  A missed appointment without a courtesy notification, will result in a charge for this missed appointment.

2. Upon the second missed appointment without a courtesy notification, Bridgett’s will require a deposit in order to schedule your appointment (equal to the amount of your service). This deposit is non-refundable.